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Visits 2014

Visits in 2014 will be the July 18 to 3 august

by appointment either by email

the pleasure to receive you in our garden for see  my new and futur intro.


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All orders must be accompanied by a money order, check or Paypal who is prefered for me,
in the name of:

 Yvon Bellemare.


DS ; Division simple, some more recent cultivars are available in smaller quantities, when newly introduced in our markets.

DF; Division Double , division based its cultivars, double fans or better unless otherwise

DM ; Division multiple is available 3-5 or more fans as the case and availability. Most cultivars of the price list noted in blue are divided more generous or 3 or more and the fans to make room for new, since the garden space is limited.


   Take note that all our plants are sold mature division double fans or better unless otherwise indicated.


     For my part I particularly favor the purchase of plants created in Quebec, which are sold after spending the winter usually 3-4 or more rigorous in our climate zone 4b to 5a, giving them a greater proof of hardiness. All our plants are kept open without any protection in order to properly test the hardiness of each of our varieties to its actual level, which is very important for us that will create new ones.


     We also sell by mail bare root, sent by "Express Post" as soon as weather permits, taking into account that our plants are grown outdoors and we have to wait until they are well trained before digging so as not to interfere with their growth and thus obtain optimal results. Shipments usually coincide to the end of May or beginning of June Therefore also available in jars on demand and make an appointment several days in advance to give us time to prepare your order.



Thank you and happy.

Yvon Bellemare