Hémérocalle Bellmar

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Hémérocalle Bellmar / Yvon Bellemare  
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Quant. SF/DF Cultivar  Name $ / Unit Tot.Price
Quebec postage by Express Post is 30$ for the first 3 plants, 3.00$ per additional plant for Quebec residents. Other Province of Canada is 30$ shipment for first 3 plants and 3$ per additional plant.  Payment by check or money order or Paypal this one is prefered.  
International postage by UPS for US shipment cost are due. Please US shipment phytosanitary is required and charge 50.00$. Payment by check, money orderaccepted so but, Paypal and Interac transfert is prefered.  
Have just take possession of your potted plants on site, between May 15 and June 15 by appointment only by email.

                Grand Total:  
Note. PAYPAL payment are accepted, please enter this email for process : hemerocallebellmar@gmail.com

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