Hémérocalle Bellmar

                Featuring The Gold



(Petit 2008) 09 intro       Feuillage: Sper/Foliage:Sev.

HM         EM-Re          Fragrance

Hauteur:   75cm     Diamètre: 18cm    Scape: 30 in   Diameter:7 in.

Remarque: Fleur rose acajou, centre jaune vers une gorge verte, très large bordure jaune et ondulée.

   Featuring the Gold est une de mes fleurs favorites au jardin.

     Génétique intéressante  un descenadant de Gary Colby, grande fleur bonne substance. Introduite au jardin printemps 2013, a eu une floraison remontante en 2015. (Peut parfois taché) Fertile

Parents: ( Gary Colby x Leaving Me Breathless)

Featuring the gold is an impressive flower's in a garden and one of my favorite use many time this year for his edge.

Hybridyzer comment: * 'Featuring the Gold'  --(Gary Colby x Leaving Me Breathless) Sev. 7”fl. 30” sc. EM 20 buds.  This is the flower some of you may know under its garden name “Mister Green Genes” because of its massive gold to chartreuse green edge.  The mahogany rose flowers with a lighter watermark are a real shocker with their huge edge which can take up to half of the petal surface.  These very large flowers are presented on tall scapes.  As you might imagine, Featuring the Gold has been one of my most heavily used parents, easily setting pods and producing some of the most awesome seedlings in my garden.


Embranchement:   3               Boutons: 18-20

Branching:             3   ways      Buds: 20



Parents: ( Gary Colby x Leaving Me Breathless)

Gary Colby


Leaving Me Breathless

                        POD                            Pollen

Gary Colby est aussi un excellent cultivar, puisqu'il donne d'excellent descendant.
POD Pollen POD Pollen

                  John Peat

Moment in the sun 

Eternity's Shadow John Peat
(Karla Kitamura x Arabian Magic)

Clothed in Glory

(TET Siloam Ralph Henry  J.T.Davis) (Wedding Band Secret Splendor) (Karla Kitamura x Arabian Magic) Clothed in Glory

(Silver Sprite x Ida's Magic)

Collectors Choice x Admiral's Braid)


(Surprises inside x Sdlg) (French Frosting x Porcelain Pleasure) By Salter/ NA parentage (Silver Sprite x Ida's Magic) (Collectors Choice x Admiral's Braid)
Arabian Magic/By Salter /NA parentage Arabian Magic/By Salter /NA parentage

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