Hémérocalle Bellmar

Four Beasts in One

Four Beasts in One      (Decaire 10)     Dor/Dor


Hauteur:   80cm     Diamètre: 14cm                                                           Scape:       32 in      Diameter: 5.5 in.

Description: ''Four Beasts in One'' jaune oeil bourgogne à motif, passant parfois de bourgogne à métallique à quatre cycle gris, feuillage légèment arqués, gorge verte.

Remarque: Excellent cultivar, donnant une descendance remarquable.

Parents: (Bee Buzzes x unknown)


Hybridyzer comment:
    ''Four Beasts in One'' has held my interest over time. It does funny things like going all metallic or suddenly donning two silly striped eyebrows. Four Beasts in One is named after a story by Poe about a ruthless emperor whose dominion was besieged by four beasts. The pattern often breaks into four cycles. This is my most important pattern breeder and its kids are typically healthy and strong northern seedlings. It is a cool morning opener.
The foliage is deep green and somewhat arching. It has up to 5 branches and 42 buds but typically about 25 buds per scape. 2010 intro


Embranchement:                  Boutons:                    Branching:           3-5   ways     Buds: 25 to 42


Tige florale/Scape of FBIO

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