Hémérocalle Bellmar

  Absolutely Stellar




(Pierce G.2019)  Feuillage:Spe/Sev

HM/EM-Re     Fragrant

Hauteur:   80cm     Diamètre: 19cm

Scape: 32 in   Flower: 7.75 in

Description: Fleur lavande pourpre, large  motif chevron, gorge verte. Longue floraison pattern constant.Fertile.

Observation: Introduction au jardin 2019, observation à venir.

Parents: {(Waves of Joy x Bowtie Affair) x Pharaoh's Arrow)}


Embranchement en         Boutons:                               Branching :  5 ways          30 buds

Hybridizer's description: This is my darkest pattern to date, with a multiple silver chevrons on a large face. The green throat is perfect. ABSOLUTELY STELLLAR looks like from the first blooms in April until the heat of August and September! I could have taken the photo in the shade or in low light which..... would have made the contrasts literaly pop. I am trying to be as honest and transparent as I can, especially with some of todays hybridizers. I have offered a single fans @ 160$ and qhen I say I am limited-Well you'll see. Advanced with chevrons, and another that prolifs, and multiplies like mad. Enjoy! Fertile both ways.

Remark and observation in our garden: New intro in our garden, observation for first 3 years in my garden before selling.


Absolutely Stellar ; parents/Parentage:

Pod: {(Waves of Joy x Bowtie Affair)

Pollen : Pharaoh's Arrow

Les deux parents POD de Absolutely Stellar sont aussi dans nos jardins, ainsi que Pharaoh's Arrow sont tous d'excellents parents.

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