Hémérocalle Bellmar

  Anne's True Gratitude




(Hansen D.16)  Feuillage:Pers/Ev

HM/EM-Re     Fragrant

Hauteur:   97cm     Diamètre: 20cm

Scape: 38 in   Flower: 8 in

Description: Fleur crème doré, oeil complexe gris-bleu ceinturé de bourgogne, triple bordure bourgogne,gris-bleu et crème, gorge verte. Fertile.

Observation: Introduction au jardin 2018, observation à venir.

Parents: {(Spike x Sdlg-2PA9)}


Embranchement en         Boutons:                               Branching :  3 ways          15 buds

Hybridizer's description: Petals are creamy yellow with a complex eye of a thin red violet line, several shades of iridescent blue, leading to a striking green throat. (Strong rebloomers).The pattern in the eye is repeated on the edge then tipped in crystallized serrations! Picked by Anne McWilliams to celebrate life and the beauty of daylilies! True gratitude is a natural response to the miracle of the life as we experience it moment to moment, a sense of abundance from the heart that is independent of our desires for the future ! Attitudes of Gratitude, MJ Ryan

Remark and observation in our garden: New intro in our garden 2018, observation for first 3 years in my garden before selling.

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