Hémérocalle Bellmarduction 2008

Master and Bold Ruler (Pierce G.17 )   Pers/Ev

Floraison: HM/EM-Re   Frag     

Embranchement:             Boutons:                                          Branching:       5                Buds: 40

Hauteur/scape:  102cm/40"   Diamètre:  25cm/10"

Parents/Parentage: {(Midnight Castle x Bufallo Thunder)                                                    x Max Factor)}

Description: Very large deep purple water outlined in silver orchid, white and gold ruffles, green throat.

Remarque:Un must pour hybridation, introduction récente observation à venir.

Photo de l'hybrideur

Hybridyzer comments: Where in the world do I begin? Firstly, I want to point out that no daylily that I have created and will probably change the future of Daylily Hybridizing. This daylily is truly The Master of our garden. MASTER & BOLD RULER has no faults. If you look at the above stats and embrace the following you will see why I love it so. I would like to add that this long description is not about pride, or exaggeration, or is priced for greed. I really got lucky and this leap forward is a game changer; not only for me but for everyone who chooses to see or breed with him. My claim to fame is simply so long, so while breeding for BIG, I made as many crosses and seed as I could, forgoing other directions, to simply explore the gene pool of big! I mostly use the same technique today.

     OK here are some facts: The Master has never lost a plant; whether dividing-up in August or in a clump. He has grown up and survived a winter season in New Hampshire. Regarding the size factor, the phrase genetically jumped the fence is precisely what has happened; again, to ALL OF OUR good fortune. The process went from two parents approx. 7 "to an offspring over 70% larger. Like a horse giving birth to an elephant! With big ruffles and the occasional angel wings, MASTER AND BOLD RULER does not hang out and has the strength to always open no matter what's in the petals way. Pod Fertility is average to good on the big flowers are the hardest to set on. Pollen is good too. There are many other attributes. One problem for me is that I release this monster how do I then introduce 7 ½ ", 7 ¾" or 8 "futures?
MASTER & BOLD RULER is a daylily that has a bad hair day, throws big flowers and sets a new standard for the full Form category. For this reason, I will not be giving it away. I have two $ 300.00 daylilies. One is quite pretty but only blooms on 11 buds. The other has the teeth but is basically a poor bridge plant. I was not happy. I guarantee them unconditionally. Of course, there is no way I can make every day perfect everywhere, but I have heard the term "Risk" too often when speaking of a new daylily. B minus cultivar - Except when they are rot on you, Or both! When you buy one of my Hems I want you to be thrilled, and if you're not just let us know. The price for a large double blooming fan is $ 500.00. For the collector or the hybridizer this is more than fair. You are here, our friends, and it is important to keep a price point of integrity, for this new day! Enjoy ... Fertile both ways.

Photo de l'hybrideur


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