Hémérocalle Bellmar

           Smiling Cobra


Smiling Cobra       (Pierce 15)    Spe/Sev


Hauteur:   80cm     Diamètre:     27 cm                        Scape:       40  in     Diameter:   10.75  in. 

Embranchement:           Boutons:                                Branching:  4                  Buds:  24

Description: Grande fleur framboise à grande zone centre verte.

Remarque: Excellent parent, très prolifique malgré nos hiver le plant se reproduit très bien. Le plant a triplé en trois ans ici.

Parents: (sdlg × sdlg)

Hybridyzer's comment :You’ve gotta love it when your Cobra is smiling. OK, this is the first, and certainly one of the best Tetra Rose F Kennedy introductions. Keep in mind my conversion is very fertile, and sets pods so I luckily have bloomed tens of thousands of new kids every year now for some 4 years. What that means I am selecting the best, from the best, etc. and it’s all about the green. If it’s not REALLY GREEN it gets tossed. So I give to you SMILING COBRA. Large, tall, and branched like a tree – Even fragrant! SMILING COBRA is fertile both ways and sets pods. My plants have not been baped and so will not be pod sterile.

                       24 Août 2017 seconde floraison/                      24 august 2017 on rebloom

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