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Bellmar daylily is a private garden located to 5 minute of Victoriaville, Quebec, Canada via hyway 955 south.
      I currently own approximately 2000 varieties of registered cultivars, they are part of my breeding program.

       My collection is a private collection and contains mother plants that are used for hybridization using a flourish and passion, some of them will be available in limited quantities only.

     My passion for daylilies developed specifically from 2003 to 2004 years where I made my first hybridizations. I have no doubt in my path this way I always observe all the beauty and usefulness of the plant, that is to say a good period of observation and evaluation of my creations is also very important to me, all my designs are registered with the American Hemerocallis Society. This passion has grown particularly after a conference by Mr. Claude Quirion, when I started visiting greatest breeders of this world on the web and passion is still growing every day.


      A flower is dedicated to my mother Simone Panneton (Bellemare 2009), while Pensamiento  Para Lucinda (Bellemare 2010) is dedicated to my maternal grandmother.


      Thank you for this present that is invaluable to me a passion for plants by this, I developed my fascination with daylilies.

                                                                    Yvon Bellemare

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